1. Okay, we hear you… “Can’t I monitor and audit FedEx and UPS without you”?

Sure you can. However, do you know the ins and outs of shipping, billing management and tracking? Are you ready to waste 95% of your time and resources looking at correct shipments to identify the 5% of your shipments that are due a full credit refund? Not to mention, you have to correctly file the necessary claims with the shippers within their specified times to get your money back. The shippers make this process difficult for you.

Let Us Help You…It’s what we do…Everyday!

Our customers use our service because we are aligned with them. We only invoice after we save you money and it has been refunded to you.

2. What is your service fee?

We have no sign-up fees and no monthly subscription fees. We only invoice you after we save you money and have confirmed that your refund(s) was credited back to your account so there is never any out of pocket expense for you. We charge you 50% of the refunds credited to your account as a result of our service. Our service truly offers no risk to recover your late refunds.

3. What is the length of your service contract?

Our service is month-to-month and you can cancel at any time with advance 90-day written notice. We are very confident you’ll love our service and join others in becoming a long standing customer.

4. Will your service affect my relationship with our shipper?

No way. The Money Back Guarantee as offered by FedEx and UPS includes an on-time delivery guarantee. They promise to refund your shipping costs when their on-time delivery is not met. Relax and keep calm because this is part of their commitment to you for using their services.

5. How long does it take to get my refund?

You should typically start receiving your refunds directly back from the carrier into your account in as little as 1 week from us filing each claim on your behalf.

6. When should I see my shipping analytics?

You will see your executive summary level reports on a weekly basis. Take a look at them and feel free to get excited when you see those refunds! You also have 24/7 online access the secure client site for interactive reporting and recovered costs and control tools.

7. Are there any hidden charges that you haven’t told me about your service?

No! After we have confirmed that you received your refund credited directly back into your account from the shipper we will invoice you for half of the amount of the refund. Our invoices are sent to you monthly.

8. Once I sign up for your service what else do I need to do see my refunds?

There is nothing else for you to do except sit back, get a cup of coffee and wait for the weekly report showing your credits and refunds.

9. How do I verify we received the credit and refunds on our shipping account?

There is NOTHING for you to do. Each package marked as refunded on your weekly report has already been credited to your carrier account and matches up to the credits shown on your carrier invoices.

10. Why am I receiving an invoice from Yellowshake?

Yellowshake LLC owns and operates LateDeliveryRefund.com. If you receive an invoice from us (Yellowshake LLC and/or LateDeliveryRefund.com) it means you’ve already received a refund! FedEx and UPS have standard protocols where you directly receive the full refund(s) posted to your shipping account. Then, and only then, we invoice you for our service fee percentage of the refund.

11. How can I pay Yellowshake LLC (LateDeliveryRefund.com)?

You can mail a check to the address identified on your invoice or user our electronic payment options. Once our service is initiated we will invoice you monthly for a portion of the refunds that you received directly from the carriers resulting from our service.

12. Where do I mail payment for a service invoice?

Please refer to the address identified on your invoice.

13. How will I be invoiced?

We will email your invoice to the email address given upon sign up. Please make sure the email addresses for report distribution and billing are up to date so you can continue to benefit from our services.

14. What do your reports include?

Click here for more information…

15. Is my shipping information secure?

The protection of your company shipping data and the Weekly Audit reports is always top of mind. Your data is always encrypted as it passes along the internet. Not only are we using state of the art file systems, we are using 128 bit SSL encryption and keeping track of the specific IP addresses when your account is accessed.

16. Do you sell or distribute my personal information?

Privacy policy: Yellowshake LLC, which owns LateDeliveryRefund.com, respects your right to privacy. We will not rent, sell, transfer or distribute your name, email, address, shipping trends, weekly reporting or any other identifying information that you have given to us in order to complete our services. All questions regarding our privacy policy should be directed to: info@latedeliveryrefund.com

17. Does your service work if I am not enrolled in FedEx Billing Online or in the online UPS Billing Center?

Our service requires that you be enrolled in FedEx Billing Online (fedex.com) and the UPS Billing Center (ups.com) to automate the monitoring, auditing and filing of claims for refunds. If you are not currently enrolled in FedEx Billing Online or through the UPS Billing Center we invite you to enroll so you can sign up for our service and start receiving your refunds in as little as 1 week!