FedEx Money Back Guarantee Policy

Every FedEx parcel shipment comes with a money-back guarantee. If your overnight shipment is late by over 1 minute, or if your ground shipment is late, by one day, you should receive a full refund. However, you only have 15 days to claim a refund for a service delivery failure. If you miss this window to claim your express (air) and ground packages, you loose.

The FedEx late delivery refund policy, known as the money back guarantee (MBG), can be summarized with the following: assuming there are no exceptions (weather delays, address correction, etc.) every delivery is guaranteed to arrive on time or you as the shipper are owed a refund. Below are the highlights of the FedEX Money Back Guarantee Policy and the link to their site for more details.


We recommend that you view the latest version of the service guide as details can change at:

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