FedEx & UPS Late Delivery Refund Recovery for Businesses


Shipping Refund & Invoice Auditing Service

Every customer benefits from industry leading technology that offers ongoing vision into your carrier accounts and dynamic weekly reporting. YELLOWSHAKE’s best-in-class technology delivers the same solution for all of our customers (big and small) and our cloud-based service delivers real, confirmable savings to you!


Our solution will automatically recover refunds weekly for all late deliveries, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the carriers. All refunds shall be credited directly into your carrier account. We do not handle or manage your money, as our mission is to ensure that you are credited for all late deliveries. Each delivery listed on your weekly report matches up to the adjustments on your carrier invoices – if we present a credit, you can confirm it on your invoices and through the online access to our cloud service.

Our service will positively impact your bottom line! Our customer’s shipping refunds typically range monthly from: 1-3% for Ground; 3-7% for Express (air); and 5-10% for International.


Our solution not only offers weekly report audits of your shipping activity that saves you money each month on late deliveries, but provides 24/7 online access to some of the most advanced technology on the market for analytics that can provide increased operational efficiency and potential for additional savings for your business.

Every customer has access to their online weekly and monthly reports that go beyond what you would see on your carrier’s invoice. YELLOWSHAKE’s reports are interactive, dynamic and enable you to view your shipping activity across all carrier accounts. The cloud service platform provides detailed reports that allow you to analyze your shipping activity and offers additional cost and control tools to provide visibility into areas where you can obtain additional savings.

The 24/7 online access provides tools to:

  • Identify credits to your carrier account(s)
  • Void credits
  • View refunds listed by carrier account(s)
  • Provide logistic controls and claims management
  • View service type breakdown
  • Improve package management
  • Improve cost management
  • Identify address corrections
  • Obtain customs and weather delay notices
  • View integrated carrier exception report


Every customer benefits from industry leading technology that offers ongoing vision into your carrier accounts and weekly refunding. Utilizing fully managed dedicated servers running state of the art RAID-5 file systems with 128 bit SSL encryption YELLOWSHAKE offers best-in-class, secure, data and server infrastructure to protect information and to maintain optimal performance and speed of our solution. In such, our data is always encrypted and never accessed by anyone else.


Customer Testimonials

"Using Yellowshake is a no-brainer if you want to recover money that is owed to you without lifting a finger."

Michael K., Pharma Client

"Yellowshake has been a big help to all 5 of our locations. In our extremely busy work environment, we just don't have enough time to track our volume of packages, and therefore have missed out on tons of reasonable credits. Since we signed up with Yellowshake, we have seen a tremendous difference in our favor."

Christa B., Healthcare Client

"Working with Yellowshake is the equivalent to making free money. Prior to using their service, we only saw money back from FedEx and UPS if a client informed us that their package was late. Now, if a package is even a few minutes late, we are refunded that money automatically and the best part is, our Customer Service team didn’t have to waste their time on the phone requesting it. It’s effortless! Kudos to Yellowshake!"

Kim G., Printing and Production Technology Client

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