Your clients rely on their healthcare shipments arriving on time

FedEx & UPS guarantee their shipments are on time or your Money Back.

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The healthcare industry is large, and our service is specifically beneficial to: Biotech, Clinics, Diagnostics, Equipment, Medical Device, LTC, Specialty, Compounding, Closed-Door Pharmacies, and other Pharmaceutical companies.

Healthcare businesses use shipping partners like FedEx and UPS because they protect their products, are ethical, offer secure processes, and maintain regulatory compliance. Because of these industry specific  requirements, you may have guaranteed product delivery included in your business model, but do you really know if your shipments arrive on time? Now you can simply by signing up with’s late delivery refund recovery service.

The fact is, if you ship (inbound or outbound) with FedEx and UPS on a regular basis, you will have unclaimed late delivery refunds that we’ll recover. Do you know that just 1 minute late on certain shipments and your shipping costs are refundable?

We work on your behalf to ensure that Late Delivery Refunds are credited directly back to you when deliveries are not on time. You don’t have time to constantly monitor and track all your shipments against the shipping carrier’s  service level agreements and correctly file claims with the carrier(s) when a  shipment is late; that’s why it makes sense to partner with us at

Our FedEx and UPS Late Delivery Refund Service will make you more
profitable by lowering your shipping spend through our successful recovery of refund credits. There’s nothing to lose and never any out-of-pocket expenses for your business. We simply invoice you for half of whatever we can recover for you by way of late delivery refunds. Consider it free money back to you — without your business having to lift a finger!

FedEx and UPS have successfully built their businesses with their Money Back Guarantee(s) and they honor timely and correctly filed refund claims, but they don’t make it easy for you. That’s where we come in. Simply sign up with our Late Delivery Refund Service and we’ll get you the late package shipping costs refunded. It’s that simple!

Is it starting to add up?

It’s a no-brainer! You can easily reduce your Fedex & UPS shipping costs with by Yellowshake!

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