FedEx & UPS Late Delivery Refund Recovery for Businesses



Staying true to our mission of providing technology and business cost reduction solutions to our clients, Yellowshake offers a service that saves money on your FedEX and UPS deliveries! Yellowshake’s solution: identifies late deliveries; audits invoices for incorrect fees, files claims on your behalf; and confirms that your refunds have been credited back into your shipping account directly from the shippers. Initiate this service now in less than 2 minutes and you’ll start receiving your FedEx Refunds and UPS Refunds.


Sign up in less than 2 minutes.

Sign up and enter your and/or website credentials.


We inspect and audit your shipments.

We automatically inspect and audit your shipments against the carriers' guaranteed time commitments and confirm your invoices are billed correctly.


We submit claims for you.

We file the claims on your behalf for all late packages in accordance with the terms and conditions of the carriers.


Credits due are refunded to you.

We make certain that FedEx & UPS issue you a 100% refund of your shipping cost for each late package pertaining to the terms and conditions of their money-back guarantee policies. All refunds come directly from the carrier into your shipping accounts.


Customer Testimonials

"Using Yellowshake is a no-brainer if you want to recover money that is owed to you without lifting a finger."

Michael K., Pharma Client

"Yellowshake has been a big help to all 5 of our locations. In our extremely busy work environment, we just don't have enough time to track our volume of packages, and therefore have missed out on tons of reasonable credits. Since we signed up with Yellowshake, we have seen a tremendous difference in our favor."

Christa B., Healthcare Client

"Working with Yellowshake is the equivalent to making free money. Prior to using their service, we only saw money back from FedEx and UPS if a client informed us that their package was late. Now, if a package is even a few minutes late, we are refunded that money automatically and the best part is, our Customer Service team didn’t have to waste their time on the phone requesting it. It’s effortless! Kudos to Yellowshake!"

Kim G., Printing and Production Technology Client

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