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Staying true to our mission of providing technology and business cost reduction solutions to our clients, LateDeliveryRefund.com offers a service that saves money on your FedEX and UPS deliveries! LateDeliveryRefund.com’s solution: identifies late deliveries; audits invoices for incorrect fees, files claims on your behalf; and confirms that your refunds have been credited back into your shipping account directly from the shippers. Sign up for our service now in less than 2 minutes and you’ll start receiving your FedEx Refunds and UPS Late Delivery Refunds. Let us help you save money at no risk to your organization!


Sign up in less than 2 minutes.

Sign up and enter your FedEx.com and/or UPS.com website credentials.


We audit your shipments.

We audit your shipments against FedEx and UPS’ guaranteed time


We submit claims for you.

We file claims on your behalf to FedEx and UPS for all late
parcel deliveries in accordance with their terms and conditions.


Credits due are refunded to you.

We recover 100% of your late delivery shipping costs! All refunds are credited directly into your FedEx & UPS shipping accounts.

Ready to Start?

We offer our service to you with the following promises.

No sign-up fee.

No sign-up fee when starting our service.

No changes to your operations.

No changes to your shipping operations when using our service.

No out of pocket service fees.

Our service fee is 50% of the refunds that we’ve recovered and has been credited back into your FedEx & UPS account.

No software to install.

No software to install with our cloud-based solution.

No lengthy contract.

This service is month to month!

No risk! Sign Up today and start saving.

Cancel anytime if you are not satisfied.

Is it starting to add up?

It’s a no-brainer! You can easily cut your business expenses with LateDeliveryRefund.com by Yellowshake!

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